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Buy2you,an e-commerce platform for purchasing Chinese goods overseas, helps overseas users, merchants, international students and Chinese to easily purchase and mail Chinese Taobao, Tmall, and Alibaba products. With a variety of foreign currency payment channels, it has created an excellent application in both web and mobile environments.

Users can ship packages to the world and purchase Chinese goods through the platform. Buyers can provide warehousing services, product quality inspection, return and exchange, repackage, reduce package weight and reduce international shipping costs for users. At present, more than 1 million users have purchased Chinese goods through Buy2you.

 Covering China's To e-commerce platform 
 Partner description  You

Partners provide the services, resources, and other services and resources of the local market, and cooperate as much as possible to maximize the mutual benefits.

Currently only supports the “promotion partner” application, if you need to understand the “business partner” and “regional operation center” cooperation mode

Please contact buy2you Operations Headquarters

Global partner rules

Buy2you·Global Partner Benefit Analysis
  • CNY 5250
    Number of users
    Number of transactions
    Number of transfers
  • CNY 10500
    Number of users
    Number of transactions
    Number of transfers
  • CNY 26250
    Number of users
    Number of transactions
    Number of transfers

The above income basis: shopper unit price: ¥250; freighter unit price: ¥400.

Partner size and distribution
The global partners have covered more than 2,000 people in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The regional operation center has been established in Malaysia and is operating normally.
Partner Support Policy and Subsidies
  • Customized support
    Provide exclusive business system support for business partners
  • Local promotion subsidy
    Conduct offline promotion activities with a maximum subsidy of 50%
  • Business expansion
    Support business partners to carry out more business
  • Promotion support
    Provide partners with design and copy content for promotion
How to promote the world and get more benefits

Share tips:

  • Can be shared by major social platforms and shared with friends, relatives, colleagues, and groups.
  • You can use the buy2you personal promotion page to share with friends who are still upset about not finding a good overseas purchasing website, and get the corresponding newcomer package when you sign up.
  • Can be shared through the purchasing product page - shared with people who like shopping, fashion or people.
  • Can be shared via the buy2taobao feature page - share offers with people who may need them.
Rapid promotion can be achieved in the following three ways
  • Method one
    We offer partners an invitation code worth ¥15 for free, and use these invitation codes to give new users a coupon worth ¥15. This will help you easily build your own promotion system.
  • Method two
    Create your personalized marketing homepage for free through the Global Partner System, introduce our services to potential customers, and guide customers to the right use of Buy2you.
  • Method three
    Use the marketing resources provided by the buy2you partner system (registration code, QR code, product link) to help you promote offers and shopping tips on social platforms such as facebook and twitter.

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