Who can be a partner

Who can be a partner

1. Target group: buy2you members, international students,overseas Chinese, overseas locals, overseas SMEs/merchants;

3. Local residence time: 1 years and above;

4. Language and culture: Proficiency in local language,understanding of local humanities and customs;

5. Diversification of promotion channels: Familiar withoverseas popular social media platforms, platform personal accounts havecertain fans and reading/viewing volume, used for daily brand promotion,marketing, and can interact with user fans, which brings obvious advantages toBuy2you brand. Market exposure, which further translates into platform usersand facilitates transactions;

6. Local resources: There are certain user communityresources in the local area;

7. User demand sensitivity: Understand the local consumerpsychology needs and the market, and provide timely optimization suggestionsfor product and function services for Buy2you to enhance the user experience.