Buy2you special statement
Buy2you  special statement

If any of the followingcircumstances (including but not limited to) occurs, Buy2you will have theright not to pay the partner's corresponding bonus:

1.  If there is a malicious refundand a chargeback in the international parcel order submitted by the associateduser, Buy2you has the right to cancel the bonus of the partner's correspondingparcel (or freeze some of the bonuses already issued);

2.  Partners recommend their ownpurchase behavior;

3.  Domestic parcel orders submittedby consumers

4.  Purchase behaviors generated bydirect registration on the Buy2you website after the loss of the partnerparameters due to the consumer's own reasons;

5.  Loss of sales data due to forcemajeure (including but not limited to unexpected server shutdown, unexpectednetwork outage, malicious attack by Buy2you, and accidental disk corruption);

6.  Any action taken by the Partnerintentionally or objectively causes the consumer to misunderstand or confuseBuy2you (for example, the Partner attempts to influence the search, ordering,browsing, etc. of any function or transaction process of the Buy2you website);

7.  Partners post rebate ads on theBuy2you website;

8.  Partners in the process ofproviding services, such as fictitious trading orders, etc;

9.  Purchase orders generated byconsumers who access the Buy2you website for registration by:

Enter the official website ofBuy2you to jump to the relevant page to register or register by the searchresults (that is, natural, free or unpaid search results) by entering anordinary Internet search query word or keyword to generate order consumption. behavior;

10.The partner hijacked theoperator's dns domain name as:

a)   Consumers visit Party A's websiteon their own, but the partner forces the consumer to jump to the Buy2youwebsite page with the tracking code, or add the tracking code after the Buy2youwebsite link;

b)   Modify the tracking code ofBuy2you or any other party in the website address of Buy2you website into thepartner's own tracking code.

For more details, please click onthe "Buy2you Partner Agreement" (link here) to view


Partner: Buy2you Partner,Refers to Buy2you website, uses Buy2you “Global Partner” marketingsystem, has the corresponding ability to fulfill its marketing services, andhas been automatically reviewed by Buy2you platform, and defaults to “PromotionPartner”
Consumer: Guided by the exclusive QRcode/registration link/registration code shared by the partner, and arrived atthe Buy2you website to register as a member and purchase the goods and finallycomplete a paid international parcel delivery.