Join Buy2you Local-Managers Alliance Program

Invite others to use the Buy2you service, Build your customer alliance and earn good money in a breeze.

  • Zero cost, no risk.
  • Monthly cash rebate, no limit, can be raised.
  • An invitation to make a lifetime profit.

Local-managers Alliance

Using the Buy2you "local-managers alliance" marketing system, it has the ability to fulfill its marketing services and promotes personal or corporate users of Buy2you related businesses, referred to as Buy2you local-manager.

Local Manager Rules

Buy2you local-Manager profits

What is commission ?

Invite customers to register Buy2you, the customer generates the relevant business costs, the manager can get the corresponding proportion of the amount as commission. According to different types of business, the commission rate is not the same, refer to the Commission rules.

Purchase service fee Int'l Shipping fees Resell prepaid card More service commissions (one after another)
8% 2% 1% --
Our company may reserved the rights to make any changes without any prior notice on the term and policies.
What is bonus ?

The bonus is an additional income other than the commission. When the basic commissions per month reach a certain amount, the next month the system will automatically upgrade the manager level, and different manager levels will receive additional bonuses at different rates. The local manager will be able to upgrade the level. The more bonuses. the rules are as follows:

Manager level Title Requirement Bonus ratio Check cycle
Lv1 Basic Manager -- -- monthly
Lv2 Bronze Manager last month commission ≥ 300 monthly commission × 50% monthly
Lv3 Silver Manager last month commission ≥ 1000 monthly commission × 60% monthly
Lv4 Gold Manager last month commission ≥ 5000 monthly commission × 70% monthly
Lv5 Platinum Manager last month commission ≥ 40000 monthly commission × 80% monthly
Lv6 Diamond Manager last month commission ≥ 50000 monthly commission × 80% free
Our company may reserved the rights to make any changes without any prior notice on the term and policies.

How to build my Alliance?

 Personalized marketing homepage

Through the local-managers alliance system, free to create your personalized marketing homepage for potential customers to introduce our services, guide customers to use the right Buy2you

 Share exclusive registration invitation code

We offer ¥15 worth of invitation codes for local-managers free of charge, using these invitation codes to allow new customers to receive ¥15 worth of coupons. This helps you easily build your own customer alliance.

 Establish SNS marketing network

Use the buy2you local managers union system related marketing resources (inc. Promo registration Code, exclusive QR code, exclusive links); to help you in the facebook, twitter, BBS, friends circle and other SNS network to share money saving methods and shopping skills
Share tips:
  1. Can be shared through the major Internet social platform, share to friends, relatives, colleagues, groups. Can be shared to: facebook, twitter, BBS, friends circle ...
  2. By exclusive marketing homepage, purchasing methods and presentation skills ...-- Share to friends who are still struggling to find a good overseas shopping service website
  3. Online and offline combination of promotion, the use of buy2you local-managers Union system to provide the relevant marketing resources, produced into graphic promotional materials distributed to the needs of professional Chinese purchasing platform friends ...