Buy2you Global Partner Description

Buy2you Global Partner Description

一、What is the buy2you global partner?

Global Partner, is a diversifiedmarket business cooperation method pioneered by buy2you. It aims to inherit theconcept of Buy2you's ultimate service and international shopping barrier-free,and provide overseas users with comprehensive and convenient services such aspurchasing and parcel transshipment of goods. To meet the diverse needs ofusers, to achieve the true meaning of "transnational shoppingaccessibility", to create maximum value for global partners and userconsumption.

The partners of the Buy2youcooperation business in each country provide services and resources such asmarket, contacts, promotion and other services at the site, and establish andbe responsible for Buy2you's localization of online and offline business andpromotion cooperation in the region, and at the same time match the resourcestrength of both parties. The largest possible deep cooperation, open up othercooperative business content, and ultimately achieve the maximum profit of bothparties.

二、How to become a Buy2you partner

Users who meet the conditionsfor applying for Buy2you's global partners are directly in the personal center- click on the global partner - click on the "Apply to join" entry tosubmit the information according to their own situation - after the review. Becomea global partner immediately.

三、What are the benefits of Buy2you partners

According to the type of project that the Buy2you partnerscooperate, the income share of the corresponding cooperation project isallocated. The partners only need to cooperate with buy2you for marketing work,and they can get more lucrative benefits every month.

四、Buy2you partners make money small Raiders

By sharing their own registration code, QR code, registrationlink, and specific product links to other people or promotion channels, eachsuccessful invitation to a user to register as a Buy2you member will receivethe corresponding points reward. When the user is invited to submit aninternational waybill to pay for the purchase or purchase, and finally sign andcomplete the evaluation, the completion of the evaluation. You can get thecorresponding transaction share. The more invitations, the more bonuses thereare, and there is no upper limit.

五、Buy2you Partner Benefit Description

The user is invited to successfully register as Buy2you, andthe user (ie, the partner associated user) completes an international parceldelivery or merchandise purchase. If the payment is successful, the amount ofthe commission can be increased.


The income criteria are as follows:

Commodity purchasing service fee

International freight

Other business income

Regional operations center



Purchasing business

Transshipment business

Contact the operation headquarters for negotiation

Regional branch

Enjoy equity

Business dividend

Contact the operation headquarters for negotiation


1、(product purchase service fee ¥500)* (service fee 10%)* (partner 10%)=¥5

2、International transfer fee 500*2%=¥10