About 1688wholesale.com

一、1688wholesalebusiness description

About 1688

1688 is China's leading small business domestic trade e-commerce platform.As a subsidiary of the Ali Group, 1688 represents the interests of the companyin the CBBS e-commerce system, providing machine information and convenient andsecure online transactions for tens of millions of buyers and suppliers aroundthe world.

1688 takes the wholesale and procurement business as the core, throughprofessional operation, perfects the customer experience, and comprehensivelyoptimizes the business model of enterprise e-commerce. At present, 1688 hascovered 16 major industries including raw materials, industrial products,clothing and apparel, household goods, small commodities, etc., providing aseries of supply services from raw material procurement - production andprocessing - spot wholesale, etc., which has more than 80% in China. Shops andcompanies wholesale purchases on 1688.

About 1688wholesale

1688wholesale Purchasing Service is a wholesale purchasing service launchedby the Buy2you team in September 2017 for China's largest wholesale purchasingnetwork 1688.com (Chinese Alibaba). 1688wholesale purchasing service helps yousolve the 1688 supply problems overseas, including localized language services,payment services, agent procurement, inspection, parcel consolidation,international distribution, freight optimization and so on.

With professional technical and process management, Buy2you can easily andsafely purchase and sell in China 1688.com at any time, in any country, so thatyou can save more money and earn more.

二、1688wholesalepurchase considerations

1、See the seller'svolume and offer buyer services

If your purchase quantity is less than the manufacturer's quantity,buy2you will judge that your order is invalid and you need to place a neworder.

2、Choose a sellerwith "Sincere Pass", have the guarantee of quality and return

"Integrity" manufacturers have quality and return protection,you can contact buy2you when you can not identify.

3、Shop around,choose the best

For the quality of goods, prices, sellers and other issues, before theorder, compare as much as possible, choose the most suitable seller, of course,you can also ask for buy2you, to propose the best solution for you.

4、In advance, wewill agree with the seller on the return policy, who will bear the returnshipping fee, etc.

The rules for returning goods are agreed with the supplier in advance,such as the circumstances in which the return is allowed and the circumstancesin which the return is not allowed.

三、1688wholesaleService Description

pre-sale service

Purchasing service

After the order is placed, 1688wholesale is responsible for purchasing, free storage (60 days)

Sales service: inspection

Simple inspection

1688wholesale will check the package for quantity, damage inspection and a photo of the inspection according to the order options.

In-depth inspection

1688wholesale will perform a quantity check, breakage check, color, size, quality, appearance comparison, three (or more) inspection photos and a inspection video based on the order options.

After-sales service: 1688wholesale will be different according to different goods, suppliers, services

1688 supplier contains "guarantee" "7 days return" icon

After-sales assistance service: Experience goods found unqualified products, 1688wholesale to assist with business communication, the actual communication results are subject to the seller's regulations, the freight generated during the return process needs to be borne by the user.

1688 supplier does not contain "guarantee" "7 days return" icon

No after-sales service: because 1688 suppliers do not provide after-sales service

Note: 1688wholesale counts the number of items in thestandard specifications. It is not guaranteed whether the quantity of thespecific goods arrives is consistent with your wholesale quantity. If there arefew problems or quality problems, 1688wholesale can help you negotiate with theseller.