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Version: 3.00.015 (2020-12)
Super Province Flow
Optimized graphics for mobile phones
Support shopping function
Multi-order consolidated payment
Easy to view comments
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Buy2you Client-specific features

  • Easy to shop, not to be missed
    Bus, subway, bed, shopping regardless of location!
    With Buy2you mobile version, shopping is very convenient!
  • View order logistics at any time
    Keep informed of order logistics information,
    See how the buy2you package arrives gracefully!
  • Stable and smooth, small memory usage
    The speed is smooth like silky chocolate,
    The memory occupancy is as light as wings!

What do users say?


Great, shopping is very convenient, I like to use the buy2you App for shopping


After using it for a while, I feel the buy2you App is good, I like to use it to buy fitness pants


I am a shopping shopper personally, I use the buy2you app to make purchases, and I can arrive quickly

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