Order Status

Expired: When you do not make payment to this order within 48 hours,order will change to this status

Canceled:  When your cancel action was accepted by us, order will change to this status

Unpay: You not make payment to this order,you should do it whithin 48 hours 

Paid: You made payment to the order

Purchased: Item was purchased and preparing from seller

Partial Arrive: Part of goods arrived China Guangzhou warehouse

Arrived: Goods arrived China Guangzhou warehouse and ready to delivery

Unpay Shipping: Parcel submitted. You need to finish payment within 30 days

Paid Shipping: The shipping fee is paid

Shipped: The item has been sent out

Confirmed: You have received the parcel

Finished: The item has been delivered to you and you have evaluated  this service

Destruction: When your order has been stocked overdued more than 30 days, order will change to this status.