Click SHIPPING CALCULATOR at main website to view the International shipping fee list (select country, select area, click calculate, click “calculation basis” to view the addtional kg fee charge)

Notice: As Per freight industry pratice, the chargeable weight of a package is calculated based on Volumetric or Actual weight, whichever is higher

Important Notice: Over Length Item over than 140cm or any 2 side more than 70cm will addtional charge (CNY) 150. West Malaysia parcel overweight 30kg, charge overweight fee (CNY) 170/ parcel ; East Malaysia parcel overweight 25kg, charge overweight fee (CNY) 7/ kg+ (CNY) 170 /parcel

Malaysia East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak) Sea Shipping addtional handling fee CNY 200

Malaysia West Malaysia (Kedah, Terrengganu, Perlis, Kelantan, Kuala Rompin, Mersing) Sea shipping addtional handling fee CNY 150
** When physical dimensions (width X length X height) in cm / 5000 exceeds your goods weight, volumetric weight will be used to calculate Air Freight Charges

Special items = Liquid ( eg. perfume/ skincare) / Cosmetics/ Branded products / Counterfeit product/ Electronics item (eg. computer device, electrical equipment)/ Cutter item/ Knife tool/ Battery subtance/ Magnet subtance/ Medicine subtance/ Powder substance/ Candle/ CD/ DVD/ Sex Item/ Light Food/ Fragrance essence (eg. Soap)/ Radio Signal Transmiting Device

** more details about shipping pls refer: Shipping

** Air Freight is PER KG charges (rounded up)
Example:1.2kg,1.5kg, 1.7kg =charge 2kg

~Air Shipping Volumetric Calculations~

Example 1:
Parcel Actual Weight:1 kg
Parcel Actual Measurement:45cm20cm30cm
Calculation =(452030)/5000
= 5.40kg > 6kg for shipping charge

Example 2:
Parcel actual weight:10 kg
Parcel actual measurement:45cm20cm30cm
Calculation =(452030)/5000
= 5.4kg > 10kg for shipping charge