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Check the threshold and rules for wholesales of the seller

If the quantity you order does not meet the minimum requirement of the seller, otherwise Buy2you will cancel the order due to the inability to purchase, you will need to re-order.


Choose sellers granted with "TrustPass"  TrustPass Buyer Guarantee Corporate identity

"TrustPass" sellers are more reliable in terms of quality and return/exchange service. Please consult Buy2you if you can not tell whether a seller has “TrustPass”.


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1688 wide supply, manufacturers and more attention than the price, the quality of choice, of course, can also be made by consulting Buy2you reasonable advice for you.

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Introduction to information

   About 1688 Agent buy service

1688 wholesale purchasing service was launched by the Buy2you team in September 2017 for the largest Wholesale purchase 1688 site(That is Chinese Alibaba site). 1688 purchasing service one-stop service to help you solve the problem of overseas procurement sources, including localization of language services,Payment services, procurement agent, goods inspection, package consolidate, international forwarding, freight optimization.

Buy2you provides professional technology and systematic process of management. Whether you're in any country, can easily and securely wholesale purchase in China anytime, let you save more money and gain more.

   About 1688

Alibaba chinese website founded by Jack Ma in year 1999, formerly known as 1688 website is one of the biggest leading business of Alibaba groups. is flagship business of Alibaba group, First leading small enterprises, domestic trade, e-commerce platform in China. As Alibaba group's subsidiary, 1688 represents the interests of the enterprise CBBS e-commerce system, providing business opportunities, information and convenient and secure online transactions for millions of buyers and suppliers worldwide. provides wholesale and purchasing as the core platform, through professional operations, improve customer experience, comprehensive optimization of enterprise e-commerce business model. At present, coverd raw material, industrial products, clothing apparel, home Furnishing department stores, small commodity industry 16 categories, from the procurement of raw materials, production and processing, wholesale and a series of service in China. More than 80% shops and wholesale business in supply.