11.11 Crazy Buy

China Taobao 11.11 shopping carnival, discount 50% off , you can also buy


About China Taobao on 11th November Carnival/关于中国淘宝11.11购物狂欢节

      11.11 is the annual Carnival sales by Taobao and Tmall which conducts many promotion activities. At that day, the number of participating merchants and promotion efforts were limited but the results always out of expectations. So on November 11th has became a fixed date for large-scale promotional activities held byTaobao and Tmall. Product discount will up to 50%. 11.11 has become China's e-commerce industry's annual event, and gradually affect the internationale-commerce industry.


        From 2009 to present, 11.11 carnival sales is gradually increased, from year 2009 starting from 571 billion and until present has achieved to 1207 billion Chinese Yuan. 11.11 annual shopping carnival has brought huge benefits and joys to China consumers, and they can save up more than 50%. In 2017 this year we look forward to more surprises.


       Todays,buy2you has launched "11.11 Crazy Buy" purchase service. We hope to brings China Taobao 11.11 shopping carnival into a global shopping carnival and you can enjoy shopping up to 50% discount too. 11.11 purchase service offered everyone around the world to enjoy this carnival sales.


11th November 2017 shopping guide/2017Buy2taobao11.11代购攻略

①  Choose "11.11 Crazy Buy" in option upon you perform order, pay in advance. This purchase service schedule open from 09-Nov-2017 to 11-Nov-2017.


②  Anyone who place order for item with "11.11 Crazy Buy" option, we will purchase for you on 11th November 2017.


③  After the order placed and purchased,the extra payment from promotion price will be credit back to your e-wallet. (We will credit back the extra payment from promotion price as long as the item is entitled for 11.11 carnival sales.)


④ We are promised on your order will be completely purchased by us on 11th  November (Excluded out of stock item).


⑤  Kindly keep an eye on Taobao or Tmall which stated 11.11 sales logo to the item, if you want to enjoy the relevant offer discount. 

     Warm notice : For “11.11 carnival sales”, Kindly take note and select those Taobao or Tmall's seller store items has attached 11.11 sales logo. we will not apply any extra charges on service fee. For your information, due to 11.11 Carnival sales will attract a great number of customer, the progress of shipping service will be slow down, we estimate the process will delay more 2-5 working days compare to usual time to arrive. Kindly take notes.



11th  November 2017, we are expecting everyone from around the world can enjoy these great sales, buy more, save more and more joyful you get!