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Global Partner

Buy2you Cooperation overview

Buy2you Global businessbrief:

Buy2you,ane-commerce platform for purchasing Chinese goods overseas, helps overseasusers, merchants, international students and Chinese to easily purchase andmail Chinese Taobao, Tmall, and Alibaba products. With a variety of foreigncurrency payment channels, it has created an excellent application in both weband mobile environments.

Userscan ship packages to the world and purchase Chinese goods through the platform.Buyers can provide warehousing services, product quality inspection, return andexchange, repackage, reduce package weight and reduce international shippingcosts for users. At present, more than 1 million users have purchased Chinesegoods through Buy2you.

Global Partner Description

Global Partner, is a diversifiedmarket business cooperation method pioneered by buy2you. It aims to inherit theconcept of Buy2you's ultimate service and international shopping barrier-free,and provide overseas users with comprehensive and convenient services such aspurchasing and parcel transshipment of goods. To meet the diverse needs ofusers, to achieve the true meaning of "transnational shoppingaccessibility", to create maximum value for global partners and userconsumption.

The partners of the Buy2youcooperation business in each country provide services and resources such asmarket, contacts, promotion and other services at the site, and establish andbe responsible for Buy2you's localization of online and offline business andpromotion cooperation in the region, and at the same time match the resourcestrength of both parties. The largest possible deep cooperation, open up othercooperative business content, and ultimately achieve the maximum profit of bothparties.

Global Partner Cooperation Content

A:Promotion partner:Resourcepromotion cooperation

1:Content promotion operation:

Join Buy2you as a partner and promote the related contentof the Buy2you platform through the partner system, such as: marketing activityinformation, merchandising information, promotion soft text, interactivetopics, user drainage and other promotion means. Channels such as Facebook,Twitter, Google+, VK, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Quora, Reddit,,Youtube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Medium, Blogger and other social media channels.

2、Maximizingresource benefits

The partners use all the resources locally to promote thewhole business of the Buy2you brand. Buy2you also uses all the resources of theplatform to promote it.

B:Business partner:Diversifiedbusiness development

Providing Chinese merchandise purchasing, parceltransshipment and localization services to all Buy2you users, and enablingglobal users to quickly understand buy2you business and services in a varietyof ways.

At the same time, in the community function section ofthe Buy2you e-commerce website, create a community (group) that matches thelocal theme. According to the Buy2you platform content management planningoperation community (hot product recommendation, shopping sharing, out-of-boxvideo sharing, prize topic discussion interaction, user operation, contentoperation, event operation, etc.)

C:Regional operations center

As a regional partner, the Buy2you brand operation centerwas established locally as a local operation partner to provide local promotionand promotion for the Buy2you brand by using its own resources, channels andmarkets, and to provide Chinese merchandise purchasing, parcel transshipmentand localized business services.

The business development direction of the operation center can be dividedinto:

1、China Commodity Shopping Service:

To provide users with international merchandise shoppingservices (China e-commerce platform goods, bulk goods wholesale, commoditydevelopment needs), warehousing, logistics, after-sales and other internationallogistics solutions integration services;

2、Diversified logistics supply chain services:

Provide users with international transshipment (spelling,spelling), overseas warehousing, international transportation and otherservices;

3、Localized business services

For all buyers of Buy2you, provide goods purchasing,parcel transfer and localization services in their country.

Global Partner Recruitment

1. Target group: buy2you members, international students,overseas Chinese, overseas locals, overseas SMEs/merchants;

3. Local residence time: 1 years and above;

4. Language and culture: Proficiency in local language,understanding of local humanities and customs;

5. Diversification of promotion channels: Familiar withoverseas popular social media platforms, platform personal accounts havecertain fans and reading/viewing volume, used for daily brand promotion,marketing, and can interact with user fans, which brings obvious advantages toBuy2you brand. Market exposure, which further translates into platform usersand facilitates transactions;

6. Local resources: There are certain user communityresources in the local area;

7. User demand sensitivity: Understand the local consumerpsychology needs and the market, and provide timely optimization suggestionsfor product and function services for Buy2you to enhance the user experience.

Cooperation Policy and Service Support

A:Promotion partner

1. Cooperation policy

Platform merchandise promotion sales profit sharing orother benefits (can be negotiated)

2. Marketing strategy and marketing content support

Buy2you develops marketing strategies, copy content anddesign, and merchandising marketing activities based on the user groups coveredby the partners.

3. Marketing guidance

Buy2you maintains an analysis of market data and developsa response strategy to guide partners on how to better and faster market work.

B:Business partner

1.Cooperation policy

Buy2you platform benefits, commodity, logisticstransaction share (can be negotiated)

2. Operation system planning and construction support

Buy2you opens sub-station channel of regional/nationaloperation center, exclusive purchasing, transshipment channel, system support


Buy2you station, out-of-station channel resourcepromotion, global site localization promotion required information.

C:Regional operations center

1.Cooperation policy

Partner of the Regional Operations Center can become theexclusive purchasing/transportation partner of Buy2you in their region, sharingregional interest sharing with Buy2you

2. Operation system planning and construction support

Buy2you opens a sub-station channel for theregional/national operations center, with exclusive access to purchasing,transshipment channels, and system support.

3. Website and system support

Provide purchasing service management system, TCS system,commodity search and crawling in local partner countries, warehouse parceloperating system, order management system, etc.

4、Multiple payment functions

Buy2you can provide PayPal, VISA, JCB, AMER, MasterCard,Alipay, WeChat, Giropay, MyBank, iDEAL, POLi and other payment methods.

5、International logistics channels and overseaswarehousing support

Buy2you supports the docking of the logistics partners ofeach country's regional partners, and provides partners with overseas logisticsroutes and storage resources.


Buy2you station, out-of-station channel resourcepromotion, global site localization promotion required information.