【11.11Crazy Buy】11.11 Pay in advance, buy up to 50% offmerchandise

【11.11Crazy Buy】11.11 Pay in advance, buy up to 50% off merchandise


China Taobao 11.11Global Shopping Carnival is about to begin


11.11 is Taobaoand Tmall's annual carnival sales, and many promotions have been held. On thesame day, the number of participating merchants and promotions were limited,but the results always exceeded expectations. Therefore, November 11 has becomea fixed date for large-scale promotions organized by Taobao and Tmall. Productdiscounts are up to 50%. 11.11 has become an annual event for the Chinesee-commerce industry and has gradually affected the international businessindustry.

        11.11是淘宝和天猫的年度狂欢节销售,并举行了很多促销活动。 同一天,参与商户和促销活动的数量有限,但结果总是超出预期。 因此,11月11日已成为淘宝和天猫组织的大型促销活动的固定日期。 产品折扣高达50%。 11.11已成为中国商业行业的年度盛会,并逐渐影响到国际商业行业。

11.11 ShoppingCarnival refers to the online promotion day of November 11th every year fromthe promotion held by Taobao Mall (Tmall) on November 11, 2009. At that time,the number of participating businesses and promotion efforts were limited, butthe turnover exceeded expectations. The effect, on November 11th, became afixed date for Tmall's large-scale promotion, with a discount of up to 50%. 11.11has become an annual event in China's e-commerce industry, and graduallyaffects the international e-commerce industry.

 11.11 购物节是指淘宝商城(天猫)于2009年11月11日举办的促销活动,每年11月11日的在线促销日。届时,参展企业数量和促销活动有限,但营业额超出预期。 该效果于11月11日成为天猫大规模推广的固定日期,折扣高达50%。 11.11已成为中国电子商务行业的年度盛会,并逐渐影响到国际电子商务行业。

Today,buy2you launched the "11.11 Crazy Buy" purchase service. We hope tobring China Taobao 11.11 Shopping Carnival to the Global Shopping Carnival, andyou can enjoy up to 50% discount shopping. 11.11 The purchase service providesthis carnival sale to everyone in the world.

今天,buy2you推出了“11.11 Crazy Buy”购买服务。 我们希望将中国淘宝11.11购物嘉年华带到全球购物嘉年华,您可以享受高达50%的折扣购物。 11.11购买服务向世界上的每个人提供这个狂欢节销售。全球消费者将享受到11.11的购物优惠。

Buy2taobao 11.11purchasing Raiders

Buy2taobao 11.11购买攻略

1.  When executing the order, please select“11.11 Crazy Buy” in the option to pay in advance. This purchase serviceschedule will be open from November 9th, 2018 to November 11th, 2018.

1.执行订单时,请在选项中选择“11.11疯狂购买”以提前付款。 此购买服务计划将于2018年11月9日至2018年11月11日期间开放。

2.  Select the “Double11 Buy” option when making an order and pay in advance. The service option isscheduled to open from November 9, 2018 to November 11, 2018.

2.在订购时选择“Double11 Buy”选项并提前付款。 服务选项预定于2018年11月9日至2018年11月11日开放。

3.  Select the “Double11 Buy” service order, we will concentrate on buying it on November 11th, 2018.

3.选择“Double11 Buy”服务订单,我们将集中于2018年11月11日购买。

4.  After the order isplaced, the additional payment for the promotional price will be returned toyour e-wallet. (As long as the project is entitled to 11.11 Carnival sales, wewill refund the additional payment from the promotional price.)

4.订单下达后,促销价格的额外付款将退还给电子钱包。 (只要该项目有权获得11.11狂欢节销售,我们将从促销价中退还额外付款。)

5.  The amount of thediscount received by the purchaser. Our purchaser will report the checkedaccount after the purchase (if the order of the “Double 11 Buy” service is notselected, we will return it as long as the purchase has a discount).

5.买方收到的折扣金额。 我们的购买者将在购买后报告已检查的帐户(如果未选择“双11购买”服务的订单,只要购买有折扣,我们将退还)。

6.  We will fully purchase the promises inyour order (excluding out of stock items) on November 11th.


7.  If you would like to enjoy the relevant discounts, please pay attention to Taobao or Tmall, and indicate the 11.11sales logo on the goods.


8.  Tips: For the “11.11 Carnival Promotion”,please pay attention to and select those sellers of Taobao or Tmall with the11.11 sales logo. We do not charge any additional fees for the service fee. Foryour information, since the sales of 11.11 Carnival will attract a large numberof customers, the progress of transportation services will slow down. Weestimate that this process will be delayed by 2-5 working days than usual.Please know.

8.温馨提示:对于“11.11嘉年华促销活动”,请关注并选择淘宝或天猫卖家的11.11销售标识。 我们不收取服务费的任何额外费用。 Foryour信息显示,由于11.11嘉年华的销售将吸引大量客户,运输服务的进度将放缓。 我们估计这个过程会比平常延迟2-5个工作日。请悉知!

On November11th, 2018, buy2you hope that everyone from all walks of life can enjoy morediscounts, spend the least money, buy more, and share the joy of shopping inthese great shopping festivals!