Due to problems with the payment channels of our website existing partners in Malaysia and unilateral withdrawal from business, in order to better continue to provide localized services, we are now recruiting new local partners around the world.


  1. Mode summary:

Beitao jugou (Guangzhou) Network Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese project party, provides business model, procurement, warehousing, transportation and technical support in China, and sets up an independent front-end service website for local operating partners.Combine the advantages of both sides to jointly explore the cross-border e-commerce and transportation service market and seek common development and interests. 


2、 Requirements:

  1. Understand the basic modes of purchasing and transshipment in China and the advantages of goods sources (mainly including Taobao, tmall and 1688 wholesale products).
  2. Understand the local market demand and have certain operation and promotion ability.
  3. Be able to provide localized services for local customers, such as online customer service in local language, telephone support, etc.
  4. It can provide localized bank transfer and collection services for local customers.


3、 Project support and benefits

  1. Provide all existing operation and management functions, background and business model.
  2. Provide China's product procurement, warehousing and logistics services and complete team docking.
  3. Provide website construction and later technical support.
  4. Custom service fee profit (generally less than 10%),
  5. Custom transportation service profit: x% - x%
  6. Local collection rate difference profit: about x%


4、 Specific conditions and preliminary preparation:

  1. One copy of identification document
  2. 1-5Full time promotion and service team
  3. Account opening fee: xxxusd (Start and build the website, including one year's local server rent)

Initial operating capital: xxxusd (used for the settlement of start-up prepayment by both parties and ultimately owned by local partners)

  1. Primary domain name: one
  2. A website Logo Icon

In addition:

1.Expand one language xxxusd (at present, four languages such as simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and Malay are provided free of charge)

2.Website independent stylized template design (another meaning)


Contact: lisaer

Tel: + 86 186 2054 0127

Wechat ID: Lisa_wer






由中国项目方-贝淘聚合购(广州)网络科技有限公司,提供商业模式、在中国的采购仓储运输和技术支持,并为本地运营伙伴方开设独立自主的前端服务网站。 结合双方优势共同开拓跨境电商与运输服务市场,共谋发展与利益。



  1. 了解中国代购和转运的基本模式和货源优势(主要包含淘宝网、天猫网、1688批发网产品)。
  2. 了解本地市场需求,具有一定的运营推广能力。
  3. 能为当地顾客提供本地化的服务,如本地语言的在线客服,电话支持等。
  4. 能为本地顾客提供本地化的银行转账收款服务。



  1. 提供现有的运营管理一切功能、后台和商业模式。
  2. 提供中国的产品采购、仓储与物流服务和完备的团队对接。
  3. 提供网站搭建和后期的技术支持。
  4. 自定义服务费利润(一般10%以内),
  5. 自定义运输服务利润:xx%
  6. 本地收款费率差利润:大约x%



  1. 身份证明文件一份
  2.  1-5人专职的推广与服务团队
  3. 开户费:xxxUSD(用于网站的启动与搭建,并包含一年的本地服务器租金)


  1. 一级域名:一个
  2. 网站Logo图标一个


1.扩展一个语种xxxUSD(目前免费提供 中文简体,中文繁体,英语,马来语等4语言)




电话:+86 186 2054 0127