Dear member:
  The website has been fully upgraded, and many previous minor problems have been fixed. Let everyone have a better shopping experience;
   In order to give back to the support of new and old customers, we have also adjusted the air freight, 1kg has dropped by 2 yuan, and the sea price has dropped by 1cbm/30rmb. We have also made appropriate adjustments in Singapore and the Philippines, which are subject to the actual package freight. buy2taobao wishes everyone a happy life!

为了回馈新老顾客的支持,我们也调整了航空的运费,1kg下降了2元人民币,海运价格下降1cbm/30rmb .新加坡和菲律宾我们也做了适当的调整,具体以实际包货运费为准。buy2taobao祝大家生活愉快!